I have tried many things:

  1. enabling and starting doom emacs with systemctl enable --user emacs and then systemctl start --user emacs
  2. starting emacs as a daemon in .zshrc etc
  3. manually starting the daemon after login

Nothing works. Either i am to lazy to do it manually, or the daemon crashes randomly, when using systemctl (if you google it many people does experience many different errors when using doom emacs). For me it times out and crashes after some time. I don't think this is something that doom emacs does deliberately. I actually don't think that the maintainer of doom emacs cares, because doom emacs starts so fast, that there is no use of the daemon (or so i think he has said once), and i follow him on that one, but still: i need the daemon started so when i do quick edits from the terminal, emacs is started as fast as vim. That is my sole reason :)

I have finally found a solution that works for me: i use GNOME, and therefore i can use GNOME to autostart the daemon when GNOME starts. I add this simple script

[Desktop Entry]
Exec= emacs --daemon
Comment= emacs daemon

in a file called emacs_daemon.desktop and places it in the autostart directory in my home folders .config directory. The full path is ~/.config/autostart/emacs_daemon.desktop. This works! It lacks some features given by systemd. The most prominent feature missing is the restart feature in case of a crash, but i can live with that. This gives me: doom emacs, daemon and full automation. Three things i like :)

I hope you can use it.